Asteroid Hoodie Zip [Base Line 3]


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Fabric: fleece 3 yarn, 100% cotton foam density 460gr.

Silhouette: regular-relaxed

Graphic: logo & all over print

Details: graphics with messages about Mars

Size: S, M, L, XL.

Features: sleeve inserts at shoulders


Lightweight, smooth cotton hoodie with zipper closure. Large logo print and scattering of mosaic dots. Loose wide silhouette with dropped shoulder seam. Wearable print with added rubber. Inverted fabric inserts at shoulders. Sturdy metal branded hardware. Voluminous double-lined hood. Contrasting cord. Hidden pocket with GPS device and stitched NFC tag under logo.

The neckline hiding the seam is made of metallic colored fabric - a reference to space stardust.

Limited edition of 30 units per World.
Distinctive labels in white (base line color).


The white color symbolizes the purity of the brand's cosmic thoughts and goals. The large logo print is like a banner, and the scattering of dots represent fragments of asteroids on their way to Mars. Brushed nickel fittings are an illustration of the age of the galaxy. Unprinted shoulder inserts - a demonstration of eco-focus and respect for resources.

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