Explorer Jacket [Mars]



Fabric: 20% rip-stop, 80% chl khaki + 20% chl 80% olive and 100% polyester, micro rip-stop Hardshell membrane Active 10.000/10.000, 3D mesh

Filler: ultrathin heater

Lining: Windproof taffeta, 100% polyester

Silhouette: relaxed

Prints: logo & print

Details: Mars Message Label

Size: S, M, L, XL

Features: natural khaki color and gradient Mars print


Jacket in two colors: a variant with a mix of fabrics in different shades of khaki and a variant with a gradient in the colors of the planet Mars. Loose wide silhouette with an elongated base. Sturdy branded hardware, metal zipper. 3-layer membrane fabric with rip-stop-type 3D-mesh pattern. Freezeproof up to -30°C - designed to withstand short-term water immersion. Ultra-thin heat insulation. Protects from rain and wind.

White (gradient) and monochrome (khaki) lining. Cuffs, exterior and interior pockets with concealed magnets. Padded bottom and hood. Hidden pocket with GPS device and stitched NFC tag under logo.

Limited edition of 30 pieces per world.


A fantasy on the theme of space uniforms. The version with the green fabric combination symbolizes the natural origin of the Earth and all that we will bring to Mars. The red gradient variant symbolizes the sunrise (white) and sunset (red) on Mars and the rebirth and repetition of the planet's cycle of life.

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