NRK87. Privacy Policy


In general, we collect only the information that allows us to provide you with our services at the highest level. It also helps us protect our services from fraud and spam, and gives us a unique understanding of what additional services may be useful to achieve all the purposes set out in this Policy below.


By using our services, you consent to our collection, use, disclosure and storage of your personal data and other information. You can be assured that we will only use your information in the manner described in this Policy.


Registration and account data.

When using our services to provide services in accordance with the NRK87. User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), you voluntarily provide us with the following personal information: name, email address, date of birth, age, telephone number.

In the course of providing services under the Agreement, NRK87. will collect data about your device and how you and your device communicate with the Company's products and services. This type of information includes:

  • Information about the GPS tracker (hereinafter referred to as the "Tracker") and the NRK87. application, such as the name of the Tracker, hardware model, operating system version, application version, software identification code, as well as Tracker and NRK87. application settings (for example, region, language, time zone).
  • Event log information. When you use NRK87. services or view content provided by NRK87., NRK87. automatically collects and logs information such as access times, access counts, IP address, and incident information (such as errors, crashes, restarts, and updates).
  • Information about the location of the Tracker and the device on which the NRK87. application is installed. In order to provide the services under this Agreement, NRK87. will collect, use and process the approximate or exact location of the Tracker and the device on which the NRK87. app is installed when you access location-based services (for example, when searching for a wearable device, using navigation software calculating the distance to the wearable device). Location information can be obtained based on GPS, WLAN, LBS, IP address and a third party service provider.

The NRK87. application uses the phone's background location to determine the location of the Child. This means that the NRK87. application will always have access to the Tracker's location, even if the NRK87. application is closed and not in use.

You also provide us with consent to use your location.


We may collect additional information when you access the NRK87. application through a specific device (for example, your mobile device's unique identifier, information about the model and operating system of your mobile device).


Our mission is to constantly improve our Services and offer you new opportunities. As part of this task, we may use the information you provide to:


We use your Registration and Account information to (i) register you in the Application and create your NRK87. User Account; (ii) create your profile and make it visible; (iii) offer support, provide you with information about your account, and respond to your inquiries.


We use Service usage information in order to better understand online behavior and trends, identify potential outages and technical issues.


We may use your details such as your name, phone number or account number to process your payments for purchases in the NRK87. Online Store, and we make payments related to your account numbers and credit cards through third party secure service providers.


We fight spam and fraudulent content so that our users always feel safe. We may use your information to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, security breaches, potentially prohibited or illegal activities, and to protect our trademarks and other intellectual property. The information may include URLs included in messages that other users have flagged as SPAM or otherwise deemed unwanted, and set by the operating system's authentication services. We reserve the right to use automated systems to block accounts based on such information and rules we have created to protect law-abiding users and prevent further information leaks. If your account has been blocked, please contact Support. We may use your information and activity data to comply with applicable laws.


You are a full member of the NRK87. family and we would like to keep in touch with you. We may use your information to contact you (by message or otherwise) to ensure that the Application is maintained and that you interact with it correctly.


Unless otherwise specified, we retain information for as long as it is necessary and relevant for us to achieve the above purposes or to comply with our legal data protection obligations. After your account is deactivated, we will keep the minimum amount of data about you that we are required to keep by law or other legal requirements. We may store activity data anonymously in order to improve our service. Your posts in the comments in the feed may remain available until you delete them yourself.


We may disclose your information to law enforcement, government agencies, or authorized third parties in response to a verified request related to terrorist prevention, criminal matters, suspected illegal activity, or in relation to any other activity that may cause you to, legal liability on our part or on the part of any other NRK87. user.

We may share your information with another legal entity in the event of a possible merger with such entity, or if such entity plans to acquire NRK87. or is involved in a transaction with a similar financial result. In this case, we will use all reasonable efforts to enforce the terms of this Policy with respect to your personal information by the new merged legal entity or other structure.

If your personal information was intended to be used for other purposes, we will require that the new organization send you advance notice.


When you register with the NRK87. application, we ask for your prior consent to use cookies and tracking technologies. We offer certain features that are only available when using tracking technologies. We use in-session tracking technologies and persistent tracking technologies. Tracking technologies (such as cookies) can be permanent (i.e., the files they use remain on your computer until they are deleted) or temporary (i.e., the files remain only until you close your browser, or exit the NRK87. application). You can always opt out of tracking technologies if your browser supports it, although if you do so you may experience difficulty using the NRK87. application and website. We recommend that you read the user manual for your browser, browser add-ons, or installed applications for instructions on blocking, deleting, or disabling tracking technologies such as cookies. NRK87. uses secure and encrypted tracking technologies so that only we can interpret the information they collect. You may come across tracking technologies/cookies from third party service providers to which we have made the NRK87. application available to help us with various aspects of the NRK87. application's operations and services, such as Google Analytics.


If you use our services within the European Economic Area, you have certain rights in accordance with local law in relation to your personal information. Subject to these rights, you may: access your personal information, correct the information we hold, erase your personal information, restrict our use of your personal information, receive your personal information in a prescribed electronic format and forward it to third parties (the right to data portability), file a complaint with the local data protection authority. If you would like to better understand or exercise your rights, please use the contact details below to contact us. If we need more information to fulfill your request, we will contact you.

We need a legal basis to process your personal information. In most cases, this may be due to:

  • fulfilling our obligations under a contract with you, such as providing services or ensuring that bills are paid properly.
  • your consent to the processing of data.
  • compliance with our legal obligations as set out above.
  • meeting our legitimate interests, such as knowing how you use our products and services and using that information to develop new products and services, personalize the service, and display targeted advertising. When processing personal information in pursuit of our legitimate interests, we use reasonable steps to protect your privacy and ensure that our business interests do not conflict with the interests and fundamental rights and freedoms of users.
  • protection of the vital interests of the subject of information or another person.
  • the need to take action in the public interest.

We may ask for your consent to collect and use certain personal data in accordance with applicable law (for example, in relation to cookies and tracking technologies, or when using data about the exact location of the user for purposes not related to the provision of services). If you have given us consent to the processing of your personal information, you can withdraw this consent at any time using the support form in the application or the e-mail address: Please contact us if your personal information has changed and you would like to update or change it, or if the personal information we have stored is incorrect. We are always ready to cooperate in order to properly respond to your complaint or concern regarding the privacy of information. If you feel that we have not been able to resolve your issue, you have the right to file a complaint with your local data protection authority or with the appropriate authority in Luxembourg.


Our application may contain links to third party websites, or you may access NRK87. applications through such websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of third party sites.


We take technical, physical and administrative security measures to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration. Some of the security measures we use include firewalls, data encryption, physical access control to our data centers, and information access authorization management. We also need your help: you are responsible for the accuracy of the personal information you provide, as well as for the fact that your password(s) and account registration data are stored in a secure place and protected from access by third parties.


We operate internationally and provide our Services to users around the world, allowing them to communicate with each other and shop anywhere in the world. This means that your personal information may be processed in countries where data protection and privacy regulations may not provide the same level of protection as your country. We store and process your personal information on our computers in the United States, Asia, Europe (including Russia), Australia and Brazil, and use vendors that may be located in various countries outside the European Economic Area. In such cases, we require the recipient to ensure appropriate protection of the personal data received, in accordance with applicable laws on the protection of such information.


From time to time, as our services evolve, we may update this Policy. You agree that we may notify you of material changes to our personal information practices through a notice in the NRK87. application. Please check the NRK87. application regularly for such notices.

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