Big Team T-shirt. Male.
Big Team T-shirt. Male.
Big Team T-shirt. Male.
Big Team T-shirt. Male.

Big Team T-shirt. Male.



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Size S. Male. T-shirt. Big Team. NRK1987.


This black T-shirt is designed in the style of a magazine collage. The print with the rocket taking off and the text applied to it not only demonstrates the ambition of its owner, but also motivates him. BIG TEAM, the key slogan printed in yellow letters on the chest, is accompanied by a phrase that translates from English as: "Do your job best, because you are part of one BIG TEAM." The idea of the model is inspired by a conversation between US President John F. Kennedy and a simple cleaner, held at the NASA spaceport at Cape Canaveral. Opposite the sketch with the janitor, you can read the original retelling of this story.


100% cotton%

Country of design and production: Russia

Color: Black

Branded inside the keeper tape

NFC tag, integrated into the brand tag, gives you access to participate in the drawing of gifts from NRK1987. There is in every model of the brand

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