About NRK87’s Founder

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Every conversation starts with the first word.

For me, the word has always been “responsibility.”

There are reasons for this.

On December 7, 1988, the Spitak Earthquake occurred. It was one of the most destructive disasters in Earth’s history. The tsunami caused by this earthquake struck our planet twice.

My family was caught at the epicenter of this tragedy. My closest ones were trapped and buried under the debris. I lost my brother and came close to dying myself. I was only a year and a half years old back then. But life’s fragility, along with the need to think long-term, became key for me when choosing a path and making any decisions.

The idea for the NRK87 brand creation came to life with the aim of projecting our responsibility into the universe. Responsibility manifests itself in not only caring for the environment but also in taking care of your loved ones and thinking about the future—both yours and theirs. When creating a new collection of clothes, we used eco-friendly and high-tech fabrics, as well as NFC and GPS tags, the latter of which make it easier to find a person. All this creates a “dome of comfort” around you and provides help, if needed.

We designed and made our clothes for a comfortable, stylish, and safe life in any conditions. That is, we want our clothes to protect your life and the life of your children. This is a vitally critical point for me.

We care about the Earth and look to the future, recognizing our responsibility. We are ready to travel to Mars and discover a new home there. I am aware that our planet holds plenty of tricks under its sleeve, but still, a Plan B won’t hurt.

We are responsible for the future, which starts now, in the present. We are building our future at this same moment.

I am pleased to have you on board."

Narek Sirakanyan, Founder of NRK87 Brand

About the Brand

NRK87. is a fashion tech wear brand based and built upon the feeling of responsibility.

NRK87. was founded in 2018 and is part of the international investment company Freedom International Group.

As an important element of this universe, the brand receives the full support of the head office and develops at cosmic speeds.

In creating stylish and comfortable clothes, we are guided by the principle of sustainable development and care for the environment.

We launch limited edition clothing collections, for we believe that the planet needs our care. We do think about the future, and therefore, it is in our best interest that people who have stepped on Mars update their home to make it a comfortable and safe place.


We believe that each one of us holds personal responsibility for our planet. We argue that clothes can and should remind people of the responsibility they have for their lives, as well as those of their children, parents, and the Earth itself.

That is why we utilize technological innovation in our clothes and support the principles of careful handling of environmental resources.

We are not ones to sit in one place. We are constantly looking forward. We believe in science and creativity. We are cognizant of the fact that Mars is no longer a sci-fi movie background. And we shall certainly be on the Red Planet at some point in the future.

We are convinced that the desire to improve has always opened new horizons for humanity. We do possess such a desire. Hence, we are confident that technology and inspiration will help us to take care of our loved ones, preserve the Earth for generations to come, and take the next step in exploring the universe.

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Want to become a Mars explorer?
Test your flight readiness!

Colonization of the Red Planet requires not only strong hands but also clear minds.

Go ahead and prove that you know more about Mars than anyone else does!

The brand NRK87. is officially included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The brand NRK87. was an official partner of Moscow Fashion Week, and on October 27, 2018, it became the Guinness Book of Records record holder in the category “Largest attendance at a fashion show,” with 1012 spectators recorded at the collection show.

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