About us

NRK87. is Austrian clothing brand created in 2019. Synergy between city and nature. Our DNA combines natural materials and technological innovation. We share the principles of slow-fashion and dream of one day walking with you on Mars in NRK87 clothing.

Our planet is everyone's own responsibility. We don't use harmful technologies in production, we don't maintain huge factories or take more materials than necessary. Every item of NRK87. - exclusively limited edition, created by a small team of professionals.

Mars is no longer a fantastic movie story, but part of the foreseeable future. We are confident that technology and inspiration will help us take care of our loved ones, preserve Earth for future generations and take the next step in exploring the universe.

We have combined natural and high-tech fabrics and created a collection of clothes with integrated GPS trackers - with their help it's not only easy to find a person, but also to contact them at any time. We also put NFC tags in every article, which is a technology for transmitting data wirelessly over a short distance.

“A journey spanning a million kilometers, as you know, begins with the first step. Any conversation starts with the first word. For me, that word has always been ‘responsibility’. This has its reasons.

On December 7, 1988, the Spitak earthquake took place. It was one of the most destructive earthquakes to have ever occurred in the history of the Earth. According to official statistics, 25 thousand people died. The wave caused by the earthquake traveled around the world twice. My family happened to be at the epicenter of this tragedy. People close to me were pulled out from the ruins. That’s when I lost my cousin. His name was Artak.

I was told that he was perhaps the happiest of all to see my birth. He did not leave my cradle, he tried to help my mother with everything, he fed me from a bottle, and later brought me absolutely everything that was given to him: sweets, toys, even clothes. In December 1988, he was 9 years old.

When the earthquake occurred, I was walking down the street with my grandmother to the house where Artak lived. It was literally 10 minutes which separated me from ending up under the ruins. They searched for my aunt and cousin for a long time, for almost 24 hours. Nine-year-old Artak supported his mother until the end: he calmed her and told her that rescuers were near and would surely get them out. My aunt ended up being rescued. My cousin simply didn’t have the strength.

I will always carry this pain. The feeling of fragile life and the need to think about tomorrow were key for me when choosing my path and making any decision. Having grown up, I often thought that if my cousin was wearing clothes with a tracker he would be alive today. And I needed to create such clothes. A telephone can get misplaced, a device can lose its charge or simply not be nearby. People won’t carry a separate GPS device with them. The source of the signal and the communication device must be located in clothes themselves.

Together with my team, we solved this problem and created NRK87. - a brand of cool, stylish clothing with NFC and GPS tags that can be used to easily find a person. We use unusual, cosmic fabrics and cut to build a “comfort dome”. And to help, if the need arises.

Once we understood that we answered this first need, we had a second one pop up and it was a bigger challenge: why not take on a bigger responsibility and think about a “back-up planet”? About a new home for humanity.

That’s how the idea of Mars came up. Sooner or later, I’ll find a way to get there - by investing in progress and developments, by searching for unusual solutions, by attracting the best experts and audacious dreamers.

The story of my family revealed that unexpected things can happen to each one of us and to our planet. We better be prepared for the unexpected and do it in style and as responsible human-beings. As human-beings that will one day take a walk on Mars. As a family. For me, this is a fundamentally important point.”

Narek Sirakanyan, founder of the NRK87. brand

Eric Ambar is the designer and creative director of the brand. He has 15 years of experience in clothing production and creative management. Participant of international exhibitions Agenda (Los Angeles), Bright & SEEK (Berlin), ISPO (Munich).

The NRK87. brand of designer clothing is part of the ecosystem of the Austrian technology investment company Freedom International Group and is under its direct management. The company is developing in 17 countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Europe. The investment portfolio contains 49 projects and the total value of assets is estimated at $2.5 billion. The president of Freedom International Group is Narek Sirakanian.


Visit the NRK87. showroom to meet our team, learn more about the brand, and try on and touch our clothes. We're always happy to hang out, answer questions, and discuss possible collaborations.