Über uns

NRK87. is Austrian clothing brand created in 2019. Synergy between city and nature. Our DNA combines natural materials and technological innovation. We share the principles of slow-fashion and dream of one day walking with you on Mars in NRK87 clothing.

Our planet is everyone's own responsibility. We don't use harmful technologies in production, we don't maintain huge factories or take more materials than necessary. Every item of NRK87. - exclusively limited edition, created by a small team of professionals.

Mars is no longer a fantastic movie story, but part of the foreseeable future. We are confident that technology and inspiration will help us take care of our loved ones, preserve Earth for future generations and take the next step in exploring the universe.

We have combined natural and high-tech fabrics and created a collection of clothes with integrated GPS trackers - with their help it's not only easy to find a person, but also to contact them at any time. We also put NFC tags in every article, which is a technology for transmitting data wirelessly over a short distance.

Eric Ambar is the designer and creative director of the brand. He has 15 years of experience in clothing production and creative management. Participant of international exhibitions Agenda (Los Angeles), Bright & SEEK (Berlin), ISPO (Munich).

The NRK87. brand of designer clothing is part of the ecosystem of the Austrian technology investment company Freedom International Group and is under its direct management. The company is developing in 17 countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Europe. The investment portfolio contains 49 projects and the total value of assets is estimated at $2.5 billion. The president of Freedom International Group is Narek Sirakanian.

Visit the NRK87. showroom to meet our team, learn more about the brand, and try on and touch our clothes. We're always happy to hang out, answer questions, and discuss possible collaborations.